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February 21 2011
Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Delicious Bush Baby

Natalie works in the office of a beer distribution company. She is 5'5", weighs 140 pounds, wears 34C bras and likes sexy, cotton knickers. "I do trim my fur to keep it neat, but I don't intend to shave it off just because bare is in style," she said. "I'm not going steady with a bloke right now, but I am dating--and shagging--three blokes and none of them have said anything about my pubes when they were down there licking my clit. I cum real strong that way, so I'm always getting my blokes to go down there and get me off. It feels fabulous if a bloke licks me to orgasm just after we've shagged and cum. It's the ultimate! I just about pass out. "I don't have a favorite way to shag; they all feel bloody good and I'll cum as long as the bloke takes his time," said Nat. "If you pushed me for a favorite way, I'd have to say I like it from behind, especially when the bloke spreads my bum cheeks apart and sinks his dick deep into me. Then I like him to slip a wet finger into my bum and shag me with it. If he gets me really randy, I'll tell him to put his dick where his finger is and do my bum. I don't cum but I get strong shivers that run all through my body and drive me nutty and make me talk dirty, too, so I've been told. I love feeling the bloke cum in my bum; it feels even better than feeling him cum in my twat. I like sex three or four nights a week or I'm not a happy girl."

Delicious Bush Baby Delicious Bush Baby

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January 04 2011
Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors January 2011: 49 Photos of Bella Reese

"Good Catholic, Italian-American girls like me aren't supposed to get naked for a magazine, but I've wanted to do this ever since I snuck peeks at my older brother's porn mags when I was, like, 18 or 19," said Bella. "That was before he moved away. Since I left home, too, and got my own apartment, I've dated lots of guys, but I never got close enough to one of them to tell him about my desire to be in a mag. But the guy I'm dating now confessed to me that he reads NN, so I confessed that I'd love to pose for him. And here I am. I've been in a bunch of wet t-shirt competitions at bars since right back in my college days, but I never won a prize," Bella said. "I loved having all the guys check me out and make dirty comments and stuff. It kept me busy diddling at night for weeks after each time I did it. I could probably be talked into entering an amateur strip-tease competition, especially if I had a friend who was gonna do it, too. But for now, exposing myself for guys all over the place to see and get off on will be thrilling enough for me."

Breaking the rules!
Breaking the rules!

See More of Bella Reese at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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January 03 2011
Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors January 2011: 33 Photos of Natalie

"After dating my boyfriend for about four months, I stayed at his flat for the first time, and he wanted some photos to remember the night by," said Natalie. "I think he learned one thing right away...never ask me to pose for photos or you won't be able to stop me! Even though we'd been shagging most of the night, I still wanted more and he was talking about us going out to check out some local market. So I gave him a lot more than he expected, and soon he was naked, too, and we went back to bed."

Between-fucks posing
Between-fucks posing

See More of Natalie at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors January 2011: 53 Photos of Anaya Lee

"My aunt and uncle were on vacation in Europe and I'd promised I'd keep an eye on their place," said Anaya. "My guy

and I stopped there on a saturday afternoon, on our way to his place where we had a sexy night in planned because his

roommates were away. I decided to water the garden, and he thought I looked so 'cute' that he wanted photos to show

his folks and mine. 'I'll show you cute,' I said and started stripping. His instant hard-on just about
burst through his jeans! My toy? I had that in my bag for us to use later. My guy wasn't really surprised when I

started to strip for him," said Anaya. "He knows real well that I'm a pretty outrageous person who loves to be the
center of attention-especially with guys-and he's cool with it. He enjoys staying back and watching me flirt and

stuff...just harmless stuff. He wasn't even surprised when I told him I'd showed the photos to my best friend and she

had suggested I send them to NN. I loved the idea of showing my bod to the world, and I probably would have gone for

it even before she told me that I'd be paid if the photos were published. Extra cash is always handy for a student."

Wet pussy in the backyard
Wet pussy in the backyard

See More of Anaya Lee at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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December 31 2010
Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors December 2010: 64 Photos of Tiffany Collins

"After staying over at my guy's place, I told him on
Saturday morning that I'd make lunch while he
watched World Cup soccer. I said he couldn't come
into the kitchen till I called him. I snuck across the
road and got burgers and fries, then called him to
come see his lunch. He came in with his camera,
expecting something cooked. He looked a bit disappointed,
so I told him to keep shooting and
stripped and got naughty. Later, I decided to try to
cash in on the photos, and we found NN online."

See More of Tiffany Collins at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2010: 74 Photos of Ali Morrison

"My guy had to man the phones one Sunday at the
engineering company he works for," said Ali. "I
went with him 'cause I'd stayed over the night
before-and he promised me breakfast at Mickey
D's on the way in. We were locked in with the
alarm on, so I knew we'd hear if anybody arrived. I
was feeling horny 'cause we'd had sex, like, three
times during the night, so I set out to seduce him
and do him again. He fetched his camera from his
office and took these photos before we screwed."

See More of Ali Morrison at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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December 30 2010
Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Amateur Video Specials: 12:03 Minute Video of Angel Eyez

Angel Eyez needs your help. She's lost her ride and needs to get home. She has no money but perhaps she can repay you in another way to save her from being stranded in the middle of nowhere. A show in the back seat, maybe? She'll not only open her snatch for you, she'll finger it too. It's like a private peepshow on wheels. The fragrance from her pussy juice will linger after she leaves, a momento of her all-too-short stay in your vehicle. And she's letting you videotape her as she rubs one out and licks her fingers. Would you actually turn her down? We don't think so.

Back Seat Driver
Back Seat Driver

See More of Angel Eyez at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2010: 60 Photos of Pearl Sky

"My guy is 10 years older than me. He got into reading NN when he got divorced, and
he was really embarrassed about showing me his stash at first. But when I said I'd love
to look at them with him, he began to talk about me posing...and he succeeded," Pearl
said. "I have no problem with being naked with him, but when he had the camera I got
kinda shy. I guess it was knowing that so many guys would be checking out my body in
detail. But I'm very happy with the results, and I hope the readers enjoy what they see. I've been thinking about
getting breast implants
for ages because I think
my tits are too small,"
Pearl said. "But my guy
says I'm perfect just like I
am so now I'm a bit
undecided. I wish I could
get feedback from the
NN readers. My nipples
are very sensitive, and I
love to have them sucked
when I'm having sex
because it feels incredible.
My guy says I'd lose
all feeling in them if I got
implants, and that's a big
consideration, I must
admit. Still I'd love to
have a nice pair of D-cup
titties so I could wear
sexy clothes and actually
have cleavage to show."

See More of Pearl Sky at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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December 29 2010
Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors December 2010: 61 Photos of Megan Foxx

"I was getting dressed at my guy's place after a quickie
when he walked into the room behind me and said, 'See
what I've got,'" said Megan. "I turned around and he took
a photo. He shouldn't have done that because I love being
photographed. I kept stripping, and by the time I was
spreading, he was naked again and stroking his dick. We
were just gonna keep the pics to ourselves, but my guy
was talking about them with a friend, and the guy turned
him on to NN. It's perfect for a camera whore like me."

I'm a big-time camera whore!
I'm a big-time camera whore!

See More of Megan Foxx at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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December 28 2010
Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2010: 68 Photos of Amber

"This is probably not the best thing a wannabe teacher should do," Amber said, "but
I've thought about it since a friend sent photos in to a mag last year. She and her guy
got such a kick out of seeing the layout when it was published that I decided to do it,
too. Then I found out that the guy I've just started dating reads NN, so I just waited till
the right place and time, gave him my camera and sprung it on him. He was delighted."

See More of Amber at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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December 27 2010
Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors December 2010: 43 Photos of Marina Johnson

Meet Marina (5'7",
140 pounds, 38D
bras and she likes
silk bikini panties)
a furniture sales
associate who's not
your normal cougar.
Why? Because she's
married! Here's the
twist. Her hubbie is
11 years younger
than Marina and
he's a voyeur. So,
quite often when
they go out to a
bar or club together,
he encourages
her to pick up a
younger guy so she
can fuck him while
he watches. Sometimes,
he joins in,
just sexing his wife,
not touching the
guy. The couple are
swingers and have
been on a swingers'
cruise. "I'm a
cougar, not a MILF
'cause I don't have
kids," Marina said.

"So, it's obvious I'm not a bed-only, missionary-only gal when it comes to sex,"
said Marina. "I'll try most anything as long as I'm not required to inflict pain or
experience pain. What the fuck does pain have to do with sex and orgasms? I
like riding a guy so he can play with my titties while I rub my clit. That combination
gives me massive orgasms. I really enjoy doggie style, too, especially
when it leads on to anal. It seems that every time I take a dick in my butt, I get
a little bit closer to cumming that way. I can't wait for my first butt-gasm."

Curvaceous cougar wets her pussy.
Curvaceous cougar wets her pussy.

See More of Marina Johnson at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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December 26 2010
Posted by naughtymag  [ 22:30 ]

Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2010: 49 Photos of Atlantis

"I'd been with a guy for seven years when he dumped me for a 20-year-old bimbo because, he said, I wasn't sexy anymore," Atlantis said. "Then a guy from work who I'd known for ages got up the nerve to ask me out--and we had sex that first night. He was speechless when he saw me naked, and that made me feel a bit better about myself. Then, a month or so later, he showed me his NN collection and said I'd be ideal for it. Being accepted has restored my self confidence and made me feel sexy again."

See More of Atlantis  at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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